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TERRATEC ChargeAIR All Light

Art. Nr. 308846

TERRATEC ChargeAir All Light

The TERRATEC ChargeAir All Light transforms the stand of a desk lamp into a multi-charging pad. It does not only serve as a modern LED light source with four different modes of color temperature (cold- to warm white). At the same time, it supports a smartphone, the Apple AirPods and an Apple Watch with new, wireless energy.

Thus it uses the desktop space efficient, creates order and charges mobile devices without any cables. To support mobile devices, which do not support inductive charging, it is equipped with an USB output as well. 

•    Input: 5 V / 3 A, 9 V / 2 A
•    Output: Charging area smartphone: 10 Watt max. / Charging area Watch: 1,75 Watt max. / Charging area AirPods: 1,75 Watt max. / USB: 5 V / 2 A
•    Charging distance of 8 mm
•    5 Watt LED light
•    CRI: 85 max.
•    Lumen: 800 lux
•    color temperature: 4 modes (cold- to warm white, 3000 – 6500K)