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About us...

The brand TERRATEC has been standing for reliable and high quality audio and video products for more 20 years.

In 2014, it became part of the company ultron AG from Alsdorf. Until today, TERRATEC remained true to the AV and TV sector, but extended its range of products by new product groups, such as Powerbanks, speakers and smart accessories.

With its TV cards and DVB-T sticks TERRATEC offers solutions for the mobile TV reception with notebooks, tablets or smartphones. In the video sector TERRATEC makes the digitisation of VHS cassettes a child’s play or backs up gaming sessions of consoles and PCs.

TERRATEC covers the sound sector with speakers of different sizes and types, sound card, digitisation solutions for music cassettes or vinyl records, headphone amplifiers or audio systems for professionals.

The offer is rounded up by smart gadgets such as the selfie robot, a theft protection for smartphones or a streaming adapter for the hi-fi system.


Bezeichnung Download
AUREON 5.1 PCI PDF-Download
DMX 6Fire USB PDF-Download
AUREON 7.1 USB PDF-Download
AUREON 7.1 PCIe PDF-Download
Aktivbox TERRATEC CONCERT BT MOBILE BOOST Bluetooth grau PDF-Download
AUDIO Rescue PDF-Download
POWERBANK 2300 slim PDF-Download
POWERBANK 3500 slim PDF-Download
TERRATEC Powerbank P1 PDF-Download
Powerbank TERRATEC P2 5200 PDF-Download
TERRATEC Powerbank P3 PDF-Download
TERRATEC Powerbank P4 PDF-Download
AUREON Dual USB mini PDF-Download
TERRATEC P40 Slim, 4000mAh PDF-Download
TERRATEC P80 Slim, 8.000mAh PDF-Download
Powerbank P5 PDF-Download