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TERRATEC Charge AIR All Desk

Art. Nr. 324189

TERRATEC Charge AIR All Desk
Wireless charging station for Smartphones, Apple AirPods und Apple Watch

TERRATEC sets the table with energy – wireless and for three devices at the same time. The TERRATEC ChargeAIR All Desk offers an inductive charging pad for the smartphone and one for the Apple Watch. To supply the Apple AirPods with power, there is a Lightning connector available. Thus, the night table or desk becomes a power station. At the same time, the ChargeAIR All Desk organizes all devices on the table.


-    Input: 5 - 12 V / 3 A
-    Output: Charging area smartphone: 10 watts max. / Charging area Watch: 2 watts max. / Loading area AirPods: 3 watts max.
-    Charging distance of up to 3 mm
-    Charging efficiency 75%