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Art. Nr. 251735

USB Type-C Adapter with Giga-bit LAN and USB 3.0 Hub

A LAN connector is a useful feature while using a note- or netbook for business
application – especially when there are huge data transfers needed, which shall
not be transmitted via WiFi or a very secure line is needed. 

Due to the fact, that many compact notebooks are not equipped with an integrated
Ethernet port, TERRATEC upgrades the device with a Giga-bit LAN port thanks to 
its CONNECT C2 via USB type C port. To ensure, the user does not miss the USB
port, TERRATEC added three USB 3.0 connectors to the adapter. 


-    To be connected to an USB type C port
-    Extends your netbook by 3 USB ports and one Giga-bit connection
-    Suitable for data or video transfer and power supply of e.g. MacBook®,
     MacBook Pro®, Chromebook and Windows Notebooks
-    10/100/1000 Mbit Giga-bit LAN
-    3 USB 3.0 port: 5 Gbps, downward compatible with BC 1.2 fast charging technology
-    Compatible with Mac OS X ab v10.8, Windows 10 and Google Chromebook

Scope of delivery: TERRATEC CONNECT C2, Manual, Service Card