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AUDIO Rescue

Art. Nr. 158098

Favorite mix tapes, dictated voice memos or music - the TERRATEC AUDIO Rescue stores your audio content for the future. Cassettes, vinyl records or CDs are not safe from aging or external influences. The TERRATEC AUDIO Rescue digitizes these data safely and easily. The device comes with an integrated cassette deck, which enables a direct recording in MP3 format on a microSD card. External audio sources can be connected for recording via AUX port. Recording settings can be adjusted on the back side, while there are buttons to control the playback on top and sideways. The smart device separated individual tracks automatically.

• Digitizes your tapes, CDs and records directly to MP3
• Direct recording to to microSD card
• Integrated cassette deck
• Power supply: 2 AA batteries or via USB
• AUDIO Rescue separates individual tracks automatically
• AUX jack for external audio sources or headphones